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After spending almost three years at BIMM Brighton studying vocal techniques and vocal anatomy, Bee has the understanding and knowledge to help others grow as a vocalist. She has helped clients improve their singing techniques and general knowledge of music.


With over 5 years of coaching experience, Bee is able to help train your voice and improve your vocal ability. Teaching students of all ages Bee has various lesson plans and can cater to your needs and goals.

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In a lesson with Bee, you will learn and perfect a number of vocal excesses and warm-ups to help improve and test your vocal ability. You will also work on a song chosen by yourself that you wish to improve on and master. If you chose to record with Bee, you will receive full support throughout your recording session and an mp3 copy of your recording once edited.


- Single Lessons

- Set on 5

- Set of 10 

DISCOUNT for skype lessons

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