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Born and raised in Essex, Bee Arnold started to show an interest in music at an early age.


From school primary choirs to studying music at college and university, Bee kept herself surrounded by musicians and talent. Living in Brighton for 3 years was one of the many great musical experiences that have pushed her to explore new genres and styles. 


It wasn't until after moving back home to Essex that Bee recorded her first EP ’Square 1'. Not long after releasing ’Square 1’ Bee wrote and recorded ‘Mixed Emotions’ which was her second EP, featuring one of her top singles ‘Chances’. Bee then followed these with a hand full of singles including her track ’Somebody to Love Me’ featuring the legend ‘Ironik’ and her track 'Side Effects.


Writing, recording, and performing pop music has always been Bee’s main focus and passion. Thanks to the love and support from BBC Introducing and BBC’s ‘Your Essex’ shows she has had multiple songs played on radio and even been invited down for a live on-air session for BBC's Introducing show in Essex. 

Bee decided to take a short break from releasing in 2021. She has spent the past year working on new material and with new talented producers and cant wait to show you all that she has been working on over the course of 2022.


Make sure you keep an eye on this pop princess, cause you won't want to miss a thing..

Photographer_ Hayley Fearnley (Brighton)
“Bee is so highly regarded in the world of pop and new music, and the reasons are obvious. She cleverly writes tracks that are instant earworms. The songs burrow themselves away in your head until you go back to her music and listen. By doing this, she effortlessly conquers a loyal and ever-growing fan base that keeps coming back for more. She is as organic as artists come but she’s badass too. If Bee Arnold doesn’t make it, I’ll eat my hat.. and I own a lot of hats.

- Ollie Winiberge

                 BBC Introducing

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